Get to know Deborah Pannier

Deborah Pannier has been as a make-up artist for over 20 years.

Deborah’s creative eye is a result of being born into a large family of artists. She began her career working as a resident artist for various retail cosmetic companies. There she learned how to make-up women of all ages and skin tones. Deborah then branched out into fashion print work, advertising, commercials, film, and music videos. She also began styling hair for photo shoots. Her experience enabled her to work and live in Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Montreal, Canada and Los Angeles. “I have been very privileged to work with some amazingly creative people. To create any stunning image, there has to be a collaboration of all the talent involved. No one person can do it alone.”

Deborah’s experience in the world of beauty is multi-faceted; she taught theatre make-up for 2 years at Los Angeles High School for Performing Arts, is a licensed esthetician specializing in acne and anti-aging facials, and has a BS degree in health education and integrated medicine.  She also does hair and make-up for many weddings, “I love working with brides, every woman is beautiful to me, and it is a matter of enhancing that not masking it.” Deborah’s philosophy is, “Physical beauty can be easily created and manipulated. Real beauty comes from within, I truly believe it is important that the mind, body, and spirit are one.”

Deborah moved to Los Angeles in 2000 to work in the TV and film industry. She discovered the film industry did not fulfill her artistic passion like print and fashion. Deborah decided to go to school and get an esthetician license. She fell in love with research and the science of skin. “I battled with severe cystic acne all of my teens and well into my 30’s. I was an expert at covering up my skin with makeup. I always longed for great skin and knew how it felt to look at myself everyday in the mirror hating my skin. I learned the correct products, a healthy diet, water, sleep, and stress reduction make a lasting impact on skin health. I have witnessed some of the most beautiful models and  people with successful careers, have their self confidence deteriorate because of their skin issues. Helping people have the best skin possible became my new passion.” Deborah combines all her knowledge to help people learn about they own skin and how to take care of it. She treats everyone like the unique individual that they are.

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